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Lifting Eye Connection in Simulation

Question asked by Warren van Zyl on Oct 12, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2019 by Warren van Zyl

(NX User now in Solidworks)


Something I found simple in NX but struggling with in Solidworks: I have a lifting eye/lug (whatever name you want it to be called) to which I want to attach a cable/chain/rope.


I have attached a sketch showing what I'm trying to achieve.


In NX I would make the solid of the lifting eye, add a point to its centre, join the point to a section of the inside surface of the lifting eye with rigid elements (blue lines in sketch), then attach a 'tension only element' to the centre point (red line in sketch). How can I achieve a similar setup in solidworks? I cant seem to do any point to face connections. If it means I have to put pins in or something, that is okay.


Appreciate your help.