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Making an online assembly instruction manual

Question asked by Apurva Bahadur on Oct 11, 2019

Hi All,


How does one make an web-based online assembly instructions manual that is viewable by a browser? Ideally, one would like a graphical 'index' page that shows thumbnails of various stages of assembly. One can randomly click on any thumbnail and bring up the full sized view. Each view would also contain navigation buttons/2D text (next, previous etc.) and clicking on the button/text will display the next or previous view.


I have the various views ready.


The workflow, that I have used so far:

  1. Saved all the views as .svg files.
  2. Add navigation buttons or text (next, previous etc.)  on the viewport and link the button/text to appropriate .svg file in the Properties>Event>Link.
  3. Save the files once again as .svg (to include the links to navigation button/text),
  • In the end, I have a bunch of .svg files that are saved in the same folder as the .smg file.
  • My reasoning is that keeping all files in a folder should help keep simple links to the other files.
  • However, despite keeping all the files and .smg in the same folder, the created links use full path of the file on the computer (Like file://F:\My Documents\Gearbox\Website\BOM.svg) and not simple link like file://BOM.svg. This linking seems to work well locally on the computer.
    • Is there a way to get rid of the full path and end up with only a link to the BOM.svg file?
  • The problem is when I upload the folder on a web server, the links in the button/text continue to point back to a local folder on a computer and not locally within the folder. This causes the navigation to fail.


Am I doing things correctly? Is there a better workflow to creating interactive manuals that are viewable on a web browser?


Thanks in advance for your attention and help,