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Mirror command will not work

Question asked by Daniel Sevier on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2019 by Daniel Sevier

(Please see attached screenshot and SW file.)


I am simply trying to mirror solids (GRIPS) across the FRONT PLANE (3 Sweeps and 1 Mirror) on a cup that you would use to shake up a protein shake. These grips are on the side of the protein shaker bottle.


I've tried and failed in the following attempts:


1. Instead of FEATURES to mirror, I tried to select BODIES to mirror, but this did not work. (Either the Sweeps & Mirror would not even be allowed to appear in the BODIES field, or the mirror may appear to go through ok, BUT then the grips were invisible on the new side, like nothing happened. I once got the error message, "Geometry pattern fails." Or I received no error message.


2. I tried going back into and editing all the SWEEPS and MIRROR (grips) and UNCHECKED MERGE, so they would be their own Solids (not Merge with the cup). Then I tried mirroring BODIES but either it appeared to almost work, but once I click the green checkmark, nothing on the model appeared on the new side OR again, I couldn't get the "grips" to appear in the BODIES field.


3. Mirroring FEATURES always failed.


Any suggestions? Thanks!!