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Not too long ago....

Question asked by Habib Ghalamkari on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by Habib Ghalamkari

Not too long ago, this forum used to be my fastest resource for Solidworks.

Any question I had, any information I needed, it was just enough to search here and post my question. There were always a lot of professionals who shared their knowledge and experience and I had the answer even before my colleagues could get our VAR on the phone.Thanks to all.

God knows how many times you saved me with the most perfect solution for my ignorance and problems.


But recently I’m trapped in the webs of Your post needs to be moderated nightmare.

Yesterday during a meeting about upgrading to 2020 or not, I was asked to be sure about one of the new features of 2020 and I posted a question in the hope of an answer.

My post went under moderating. The meeting was over and I waited another 14 hours. But nothing happened. It still needs to be moderated.


Tired of waiting, I copied the whole question from my Draft and posted the exact question with a exactly same title and tags. A perfect replica.

To my surprise it went through.


I’ve asked it before and never received a satisfying answer. What’s the use of moderation if it has no rule?

My replica post went through without any problem.

I can understand if for example posts with links to other sites or posts with suspicious words or foreign language or anything else goes under moderating. But do you think moderating random posts solves anything?


Edit: 3 Days has passed and it's not approved yet.