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Sketch driven component pattern

Question asked by Sergio Monti on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by Dan Pihlaja

Hello everybody,

I'm having troubles when using 'sketch driven component pattern'.

I need to pattern an insert to be fitted in the three hex holes on a sheet-metal part.

I don't like using 'sketch driven component pattern' in assemblies. I rather use 'Pattern driven component pattern', but in this case the three holes have not been created with a pattern and I cannot change it, as it's a common part created and used by others, too.

So, I created the sketch in the assembly 

then I mated the first insert


then I patterned it

Everything looks fine, but it's not!!

I should have the original part and two additional components in the pattern but, looking at the tree, I get the original part and three additional components in the pattern, that counts four in total.

What's wrong?

I solved it with a workaround by suppressing the first instance in the pattern, but I think SW shoundn't work like that.


I'm on SW2018 SP5

Do you get the same?