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Trouble shoot Pdm Add-In : Class ID not found in registry

Question asked by Larry Blakely on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by Artem Taturevych

Trying to create a Solidworks PDM Add-In to retrieve information from our Epicor ERP system and add it to vars in a data card in PDM.

To retrieve the information from our Epicor erp system.

I have added the necessary .dll references and set copy local to true.

It will work fine when loaded as a Debug Add-In, but it gives this error when loading as a live Add-In.

Pdm error message:  "Error creating the add-in COM object from the DLL "Epicor.Mfg.BO.SysConfig.dll"

Cause: The add-in registration succeeded but the add-in's class ID could not be found in the registry."

Any suggestions ?