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Custom Hex Cutout Tool

Discussion created by Dylan Sinclair on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2019 by Matt Peneguy

Good morning all, My company use a lot of hex rivet nuts and at the moment we manually cutout each hex on the sheet metal using the polygon and extrude-cut feature...

Obviously this can take a long time if we have hundreds and I can already hear a few people screaming at this post with some simple solutions, however most of the time they cannot be patterned or mirrored as there is no link between them.


  1. My initial thoughts were to somehow create a custom hole wizard cutout but quickly realised there was no way to do this (confirmed by searching the forum)
  2. Second idea was to create a form feature tool that I could drag and drop onto my parts and remove the faces - however this has not worked due to error messages telling me that it cannot remove the faces I want (I have tried numerous changes and cant seem to get this to work)

Is there a 3rd solution to this as this will be an ongoing battle and I would love to be able to simplify the process,


thanks in advance everyone!