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Solidworks PDM keeps trying to open database when I'm offsite causing errors

Question asked by Connor Leclaire on Oct 9, 2019



Currently using SOLIDWORKS - Student Edition 2019, previously had 2018. I am using PDM for a large project at my university. However, whenever I go home, PDM is always trying to open the database and produce the error notification attached. If I close the notification it will re-appear inside of five minutes. If Solidworks is open at that time, it will cause Solidworks to become unresponsive for about a minute (sometimes longer) until the error message window appears again.


Is there a way to turn off the auto-open database feature of Solidworks PDM as to not cause this from happening?


Additional info:

- Some of my most recent documents are from the PDM

- First time running PDM

- PDM access is limited to on-site access (I have to be on campus to check-in/out files)

- The notification and re-appearing nature occur regardless if I am running Solidworks or not.