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Is it possible to change a components surface color in assembly, but not affect the actual part file?

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Oct 9, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by Brian Hoerner

We are currently on SW2017, SP5.


I am curious if any of the newer versions of SolidWorks can change a surface/edge color at the component level in assembly, but not affect the actual part file?  So apply color changes to surfaces at the component level not the part level.


So if the parts are checked out by multiple engineers making changes to parts, the owner of the assembly wants to change colors of surfaces and edges within the context of the assembly, obviously not editing the actual part colors, so that they can then pack and go at some point, keeping the colors in the assembly, not caring about the part colors.


Currently you can only change surface or edge colors in assembly on a part at the part document level, you cannot change surface colors at the component level, only the entire body...unless we are missing something...




Appreciate the feedback!