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Question asked by Gunaseharan Murugan on Oct 9, 2019

Hello everyone,

I'm Gunaseharan Murugan(Guna), a Graduate student in the field of Mechanical Engineering. I came across a soft robotic simulation in Youtube solved only by ANSYS & Abaqus, I'm trying to obtain the same deformation in solidworks(where there is no tutorial/any key). I reached closer to the result but I receive the following Error. The solution I'm using is Non linear analysis.  After few iteration, I received an error saying as below

"Solution failure in a Step>1, it could be due to:
The solution may be at a buckling or limit point, i.e.,
displacements grow large under constant forces. If so,
for force control or contact problems, this is the end
of solution (check out the response graphs).
Iterations not converging:
1. Increase the Singularity-elimination-factor
2. Raise the convergence tolerance slightly(Last resort)".


I'm using Ogden material Model, hyperelastic material. Below is the Solution I'm trying to achieve..This is the solution I'm trying to achieve..

Below is the maximum solution I reached before I receiving error..

Maximum Deformation I can reach and it always ends in error 

I truly appreciate your time and help. Any suggestion/comments will definitely help me a lot. I also attached the IGES file of the assembly along with this for your reference.