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Export Drawing to DWG and Hide Sheet Format Info

Question asked by Brit Mansell on Oct 8, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by Craig Schultz

I am trying to expedite the process of getting our flat files to our laser vendor. He has requested bend lines (in the DXF) to be on different layers (and different colors). Previously, I was doing this in the Save As > DXF function of the part file.


This works well, but it does not get him the bend radius and degrees he wants for each bend.


Now, I am back to trying to export the DWG's from the drawing. Is it possible to exclude all of the tabular data at the bottom of the page (and the bounding box) so that he gets a clean DWG when exported from the drawing?


I would like the DWG to show only the information in the ellipse (attached).


Is this possible?