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Cut Extrude Manager

Question asked by Bruno Migali on Oct 8, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by Josh Brady

I gotta know, am I missing something... what is the "Configurations" section of the cut extrude property manager referring to? (solidworks version2019 sp03)


I mean clearly you can completely suppress / unsuppress the feature in each of the specific configurations, but you can do that a million different ways already...but is that all it does???


Why does it not work in conjunction w/the selected contours dialog?? Allowing for 1 sketch & 1 feature, with multiple configurations, & in each specific config, the respected, selected contours would show as cut...

instead, you need to make multiple cut features to accomplish this seemingly easy task. The configuration section of the cut extrude, is kinda pointless if all it does, is configure (suppress/unsuppressed) the entire feature as a whole. 


illustrated in the pic attached:

I'd like to be able to have the highlighted region (selected contour) applied in the "default" config... but then have the ability to select both, the original highlighted region & the un-highlighted region & the both cuts applied in the "REV B" config.

Instead, I either have to share the sketch, convert entities or jump thru 1 of a million other hoops, but neither here nor there, im stuck having to create another feature, no matter what... seems silly to me.


I find it hard to believe that we can tell the software to turn the entire feature on & off but it cant determine which profiles to use in separate configurations.


Someone Please Enlighten Me