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Solidworks-Tekla IFC export questions

Discussion created by David Casas on Oct 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2020 by Duncan Gillis

Hello everyone,


I'm doing some interaction test between Solidworks and Tekla with IFC2x3 (because the version of Tekla that I'm testing, doesn't support IFC4 format). For the test I have modelled a part in both software with rebars, mostly to see how SW can help me build some complex shapes in the future to import to Tekla. 


1) I built a concrete precast part with its rebars in Solidworks (Img1) and I added a weldments command so I can have a cut list of the different rebars and their properties. The first problem I had when creating the IFC and then importing to Tekla, was that the cut list properties didn't appear anywhere. In order to make them show up, I had to copy those cut list property values (Example: "SW-Masa@@@Armados@Pieza T.SLDPRT") to the main file properties (Img2)Does anyone know how to make a more automatic way to get the custom properties propagate to an IFC as you'd get with a cut list?


2) I made another configuration of the concrete part in SW with an inside cut and without the rebars (just the concrete volume) (Img3), but when I try to export it to IFC I just get a complete solid body (Img4). Is it how IFC behaves when exporting any part? or am I doing something wrong?


In general terms, what is the best way to export a part from SW to Tekla? even just the solid body with no properties.. 


Any tips or recommendations are greatly appreciated,


thanks in advance,