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What's your Favorite 2019 New Feature?

Question asked by Marshall Wilson on Oct 5, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by Marshall Wilson

I've been putting off upgrading to 2019 because I have several complicated projects going at once and I am pretty satisfied with 2018 SP5 stability. But - since we're now at 2019 SP4 I'm wondering if there's any new features that are so great and WOW that I should really just stop waiting until SP5 and go ahead and start working in 2019 SP4 because it will make my life so much more awesome-r. 


For comparison I'm thinking of something like:

Great: Selection Breadcrumbs, Configuration Selection Toolbar

Medium: Sketch Colors, Midpoint Line


My current projects are metal fabrication - stairs, sheet metal, welding details, and lots of complicated drawing sheets. I tend to get most frustrated with SW when doing drawings (slow drawings, block issues in detail views, Dimension lines getting lost in section views, etc)