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Contact between shell and beam elements

Discussion created by Le Trungnghia on Oct 4, 2019
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I have a problem when modeling an assembly including 3 element types : solid, shell and beam.

The goal is to see how these elements interacte each other and then compare the results with all solid element analysis.

There are two contacts (type bonded) in the analysis :

- between the beam element C (via its joint) and the solid element A (via its surface)

- between the shell element B (via its two surfaces 1 and 2) and the beam element C ( via element beam)  ( they have the same width)

The fixture and loading was applied as shown in the figure below :

(1000N was applied on the whole surface 2)


As you can see, the area circled in red reacts in a strange way. Two corners have much more displacement than at the middle. Conversely, at the middle, the stress value is highest. 

For me, as the surface 2 was supposed to be bonded with with the beam element, the stress and deformation values on the surface 2 must be the same.

So, I would like to know where this problem comes from ?