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Network traffic during selection of component from assembly....

Question asked by Dan Pihlaja on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by Brad Strong


SW 2018 SP5

NVIDIA Quadro P2000 Driver version

Intel Xeon W-2125 CPU @ 4GHz


OK, here is the deal....


I have an assembly that I opened from a network folder location.  


I open the assembly as normal.  Not lightweight.


For some reason, when I attempt to hide a component or even select a component, there is a significant delay.  Sometimes 20 seconds.  When I checked into the issue for the delay and looked at performance graphs and such, I noticed that there is a significant spike on the "ethernet" graph.



Here is an example:

I selected a component from the tree and waited, there was about a 6 second delay between when I selected the component and when the pop-up tool bar appeared.  I did this 3 times.

The three spikes circled in red represent the those moments.  The ethernet is spiking.  Granted, so is the GPU, but why is the ethernet?



So, thinking that maybe the program is trying to pull data from the network location that the assembly resides in, I tried the same thing on an assembly that is wholly located on my hard drive.   I have an SSD, so there should be no spike.


However, there still is.  And it is still the ethernet graph.


If I unplug my ethernet cable completely, the delay goes away and simply isn't there.


I spoke to my IT department about it and, without even looking into the issue, they reinstalled windows and removed administrative rights from the computer completely, thinking that some sort of virus was or trojan was there.


Well, the first time I opened an assembly, the problem came back.


I have been dealing with it now for about 5 months or so.


I can solve the problem temporarily by unplugging my ethernet cable, but that realty isn't a solution.


What kinds of things can I do to figure out what this is that is causing the issue?