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Desktop configuration

Question asked by Logan Adrian on Oct 5, 2019



i really need need someone’s help determining the best configuration to run my new desktop I purchasedfor work.


 SSD.  -   512gb adata su800ns38  

HDD.   -   2 TB Hitachi HUA723020ala640

NetW.  -  NIC controller(w/ or w/out AMT) sever unknown

RAM.   -  128gb eccrddr3 / 1333 MHz 

CPU.   -   Intel Xeon  E5-1620v2 @3.7gh, 3700mhz, 000306E4 00000417 stepping DIMM1-8 all16GB

pci Slot 1=na

2 = 8 gb

3 = na

4 =2.5

5 =2.5

6 = na


we also just installed the solidworks pdm



I am really wondering if I how everybody believes I should run my sata mode and also how far should I clock the processors processors?


please let me know what u all think.