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When saving Solidworks-file to SAT it becomes really heavy (20mb)

Question asked by Kels Vd on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by Kels Vd

Hi all,


I am trying to save a file in Solidworks as SAT to make it compatible with other software.

My only problem is: when I save is as SAT, the file turns into a file of around 20mb. This is too much looking at the fact that I have to combine multiple SAT files later on in the other software. While the original file is around 6 mb or less.


Do you have any tips for me?

A tried to save it directly as SAT with he "save as" option.

I also tried to save it by clicking on: Export to AEC en save it as SAT through this way. With high detailing the file is just as big as saving it directly as SAT with the "save as"-button. So this makes no difference. I also tried it with less detailing, but after that the file wasn't imported correctly in the other software (parts were missing).


I saved an assembly as a part because I wanted one part with all the solids in it. Hard to explain, but could that be the problem? Or is there a way to choose the size of the file van using the "save as"-button.


Thank you!