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Asterisks in balloons, but only with indented option

Question asked by Antti Saari on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2021 by Tim Gates

As the headline says, there's a weird issue which turns balloon numbers into asterisks with certain configurations -- but *only* when BOM Type is set to "indented", regardless of what indented numbering option is being used.


I have checked all the usual stuff -- the drawing view is linked to the right BOM, the configuration is not excluded or enveloped, etc. By now the computer has been rebooted and the files have been checked in and out multiple times; yet the problem persists, but only with indented mode checked. With all other BOM Type options it shows numbers, so there should be nothing wrong with the drawing view or the configuration itself. I even tried making a new BOM and linking the problematic view there. Didn't help. Töying around with all the other BOM options didn't help either.


Someone might ask "why don't you just use one of the other options that work?" Unfortunately I am supposed to use the indented option with detailed numbering.