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Dynamic simulation of vibrating head

Discussion created by Muhmmad Usman on Oct 5, 2019
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Hello everbody,

I am trying to perform a dynamic simulation of vibration welding machine head and found some difficulty in understanding the results, so i need your help. Thanks in Advance.

In the pictures attached you can see in the input data (fig.1) and setting (fig.2), which i used for the dynamic simulation. And found the displacement results (fig.3) in “X” direction which are so strange for me in sense that how come it’s possible to have 5mm displacement by imposing harmonic force of just 0.9mm of amplitude (peak to peak 1.8mm).

Results are surely wrong as from our experimental data i know the max displacement should fall in the interval of 0.9mm to1.2 mm. 

If you guys have any suggestion or experience over such kind of simulation please guide me. Thanks again