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Keep Win 7 (secure) past Jan 14, 2020! New MS announcement

Discussion created by Tom Gagnon on Oct 3, 2019

You may think that your Windows 7 computer isn't broken, and doesn't need replaced. Well, most of us ought to already know that Extended Support ends for Win 7 SP1 on January 14, 2020. This has been printed out and posted on my credenza for seven years by now. This means that users will not receive security updates or other support past that date. Effectively, business systems still running that will only actually be secure if on a network which is independent of the Internet. Some users here already have that implementation, and I applaud that.


It used to be that only Enterprise Licenses of Windows were available to be enhanced with Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for a cost, allowing for access to security updates beyond Extended Support. Some governments took that path with Win XP instead of upgrading. They pay extra, and get security updates for the extent that they pay for.




This week, in a surprising announcement which goes against historical patterns, Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 ESU's will be made available to ALL companies, starting Dec. 1st, 2019. Available to BUY, that is. Enterprise customers will have lower costs for ESU's, but at least it's being made available much more widely.  


Windows 10 really is more secure in a world of evolving threats. I am not advising against it. However, if your business is not ready to upgrade, and needs an extra lease on life for Windows 7, here it is. Thank you, Microsoft. Laggards, you've got one hell of an opportunity to keep on keeping on. Take advantage of it if your upgrade plan was to ignore upgrades until it's unavoidable.


Edit: CONTEXT! I forgot to mention that SWx supports installations upon Windows 7 SP1 through SWx 2020 SP5, per: SOLIDWORKS | Hardware & System Requirements | SOLIDWORKS . Limitations apply. Kick that can down the road if you really need to.