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Hello, I need assistance creating a model of a seat belt.

Question asked by Jeff Meredith on Oct 2, 2019
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 I have an assembly model of a human sitting in a wheelchair. I have been trying to model the seat belt webbing as it flows through the system. One portion of the webbing will start at the floor, kind of behind and to the left of the occupant, it then comes up across the occupant's lap and continues up to the shoulder area.

I have placed in the assembly all of the anchor points for the system. I also have a 3D sketch of the belt webbing path. 

I don't think I can perform a sweep function because there is an inconsistent twist with the belt webbing. I have tried to create a loft by placing several reference planes/belt webbing cross section along the 3D sketch, but I have not been able to create anything satisfactory

Thanks in advance for any help.