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SolidWorks 2019 Admin Image Never Completes Install

Question asked by Josh Houston on Oct 2, 2019

We just upgraded from SolidWorks 2018 SP5 to SolidWorks 2019 SP3 and after upgrading our Admin Image, I cannot get a install to complete, or "Install Successfully". I have selected SolidWorks, SolidWorks Explorer, SolidWorks PDM and SolidWorks Manage Client. I turned on logging and it looks like all of the software logs besides PDM completes. The last log entry of PDM is FixUpdatedRegistry. I just downloaded SW 2019 SP4 and am experiencing the same results. If I go to the client, that I am deploying the software too, all the software appears to be there and I am able to execute it. The SolidWorks task in MS Task scheduler continues to sit at "running operation". I have "Everyone" as full control on the share permission and on NTFS permissions.