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Custom CrossHatching for specific Material in Material Database?

Question asked by Dan Pihlaja on Oct 2, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by Dan Pihlaja

So, I was looking at trying to modify the custom crosshatching for a specific material (and others.....but lets start with one):


And I found this link:
SOLIDWORKS Custom Cross Hatching 


Which seems to imply that the crosshatch pattern that is shown (ANSI32 (Steel)) takes its definition from this file:


This file is located on my hard drive.  According to the link, editing that file for the crosshatch pattern that I want to change will change how the crosshatch looks.


However, this means that (I think), if I change my file, then when someone else opens a drawing that I have created, they will NOT see the custom crosshatch that I created unless I copy that sldwks.ptn file to the same folder on their computer.


So...…..If I am working in a multi-user environment, how do I make it so that the custom crosshatch pattern is available to all without copying files to their computer?  The "File Locations" area of the Options inside Solidworks does not have a location for custom cross hatch...




one caveat:  Since I do NOT have administrative rights (thank you IT!!   ) to my computer, I cannot change this file.  I can make a copy of it and change the copy, but I cannot rename or overwrite the file to be able to even test out whether or not the above link even works.