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What changed from Visualize 2017 to 2019 (Texture issue)

Question asked by Michael Vasilantone on Oct 2, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by Michael Dirisio

So, I've been using Visualize 2017 for some time to create some really nice images.


I had this smart idea that Solidworks 2019 could be worth upgrading to.


Without getting into too much detail, I can't get any renders to come out without major major issues. Seems to have something to do with parallel surfaces, or possibly parallel surfaces that are touching? I design sheet metal assemblies, this situation will not change, and re assembling all of our lineup to have no contact is not happening.


Anyone have a remedy or have something similar happen?


The 2019 image attached was made by opening the 2017 visualize file and rendering with the same resolution/render passes. No changes were made.


Thanks for any help!


edit: The appearances that are funny are all anisotropic with color and bump powdercoat textures box mapped. This happens even if I recreate the appearance in 2019. I feel like I'm missing something simple.


2nd edit:  It looks like 2018 SP5 works as intended.  Wonder if it's an issue with going from 2017 to 2019, and not necessarily with 2019 itself.