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Correct mislinked revision block column

Question asked by Charley Leonard on Oct 1, 2019

I'm setting up the integration between PDM and the revision block, and I have discovered that our revision table on legacy drawings (I've fixed this on our sheet formats and templates), has a column labeled "BY", which is linked to "Approved" (we also have an "APPROVED" column linked as such). I need to update the "BY" column on legacy drawings to simply be a custom column with the title "BY". Very easy fix, but in order to keep from making my users fix it every time (we have hundreds, soon to be released), I'd sure love to automate that and get it out of their way. Tried recording a macro, but running it doesn't make the change (nor return any errors). Opening up the code doesn't reveal anything that references "BY" or "APPROVED", so obviously I'm missing something. Would love to be pointed in the right direction. Attaching 2 jpegs (what it is and what it should be), and my as-is macro.