Elliott Evans

Named BOM Revisions

Discussion created by Elliott Evans on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by Jeff Sweeney

We recently purchased SolidWorks PDM and are working our way through all the implementation issues. One thing that has me puzzled is how to keep BOM rev's matching their respective files.


My understanding is that a computed BOM only works with a SolidWorks assembly, which has SolidWorks parts in it. So, for instance, spec.docx would not show on a computed BOM. To get around this, and to use line item numbers, it appears that a named BOM is a decent solution.


However, it appears that I cannot "paste as reference" a *.bom onto a file, probably because they reside in different views. So, how are people ensuring that a BOM gets rev'd at the same time as the file? Training is not the answer, if people can mess it up, they will mess it up.


I looked at Items, but I don't like that it's yet another interface. I want to see all of my files/BOMs/items at the same time in one window.