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vault view setup by script

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Oct 1, 2019
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   I would like to have a script to add vault view on client machines.  Hoping to run this batch file after install of the Admin Image.  We'll see, but first I need to create the .cvs file per the solidworks help page:

2019 SOLIDWORKS PDM Help - Scripting Vault View Setup 


It says this:

To distribute the vault view using login scripts, launch the View Setup wizard with triggers to automate view installations.

/aCreates a view setup file.
<path to cvs-file>Opens the view setup file, letting you attach using the information from the file.
/qPerform attach silently without showing wizard. Works only in combination with /s switch or a .cvs file.
/s {<VaultID}Find the Vault ID by selecting the properties of the vault in the Administration tool.

If multiple archive servers host the vault, see Distributing a Vault View in a WAN Environment.


ViewSetup.exe SWPDMVault.cvs /q

Creates a vault view silently from the .cvs file.

 ViewSetup.exe /s {A8E07E93-F594-42c9-A01B-F613DBA53CB5} {699C4EC3-60FC-452f-940E-8786A7AAF1B2} /a

Creates a .cvs file with the two vaults supplied by ID.



I run this and get error, the pdm admin log shows this:

Failed to find any archive server for vault with ID '{vault ID GUID from admin tool Vault->RMB->Properties}'.

Date: 2019-10-01 11:53:34
Module: ViewSetup.exe
Function: CViewSetup::mvAddGUIDVaults
Error code: E_FAIL

Error code general description:
An unspecified error occurred.


I'm thinking it cannot find the server, but where to I tell it what server to use?  When I manually add a server using the View Setup GUI I add server name.  Come to think of it that box is always empty, is there a way to tell the clients a default archive server to go to?  Or add archive server name to the command?  Or am I completely up the wrong tree here?


This page leads me to believe maybe the server is not broadcasting on 3030..

2019 SOLIDWORKS PDM Help - Distributing a Vault View in a WAN Environment 


This page tells me how to enable/dissable the broadcast and how to set default server to use:

2019 SOLIDWORKS PDM Help - Configuring the Archive Server 

but after I add the "Classic Administrative Templates (ADM)"  to Administrative Templates I do not have any of those settings mentioned.  Just "Archive Server" with the settings

   - Disable socket writethrough   - not configured

   - Archive Compression            - not configured