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Windows File Explorer crashing when accessing vault

Question asked by Western Engineering on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by Western Engineering


I am new to PDM management and looking for some help.

We have a PDM Professional Server with a strange issue:

 -File Explorer crashes when a user tries accessing the Vault (they do log in successfully)

     -Event Viewer shows explorer.exe crash with Namespace.dll as the culprit


Our users with full Admin rights can access the vaults without issues.  Even on the same computers as others experiencing the crash.

If I import a user (from Active Directory) and copy permission from an admin user and then remove all their admin permissions manually they can access the vault view without explorer crashing. 

I can then import any user and copy permissions from an existing user(admin or standard), who doesn't experience the File Explorer crash, and everything is fine.


I may be doing something wrong but it seems whenever we import users into the Vault I will need to copy permissions from an existing user that doesn't experience any explorer crashes.

I originally was importing users from AD and not copying permission from any user. They would get their permission and access from their respective Group.  (Note: Users are able to get permission from groups currently)


Any ideas on why this is happening would be great.