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(Dispatch) Is it possible to call a second dispatch action from an intial dispatch action

Question asked by Marc Trumpi on Oct 1, 2019

Since SWPDM doesn't have the option to create PDF's directly from Adobe products like it can with SW drawings or MS Office documents I'm looking for a way to get the metadata from the source file (InDesign .indd) to the output PDF file. My initial thought was to prompt the person adding the PDF to the vault to provide the location of the source file and have a Dispatch script run to copy and paste several variables from said source file to the PDF. Here I run into the problem that Dispatch can't seem to call variables from other files than the file that is currently active in the script.


So my second thought is to have the initial Dispatch script call a second one with the file path as an input parameter, but I don't know if this is even possible. I can't seem to find the option in any case.


I already found these two threads, with the first one working the wrong way around (initiating at the source file) and the second one crushing my hopes... 

Dispatch - reading a file's variable 

I hope this can be solved by any other means than writing an add-in, because that is unfortunately outside the scope of my knowledge. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!