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Section view not updating correctly

Question asked by Kevin Godfrey on Oct 1, 2019

Hi all,


I have a drawing of a tapered component where the main view is a relative view, and then there is a section view from this. When I change the taper angle of the part, the section view flips and shows the part from the opposite direction to the section arrow. See below, the 2 section views should be nearly identical. Section A-A is was created when the draft angle was 3 degrees, and is OK, but B-B which was created when the draft angle was 4 degrees is the view of the part from the opposite end. If the draft angle is changed to 4 degrees, then B-B flips to the right orientation and A-A becomes wrong.

I've tried setting up the relative view using faces, or creating planes on the face, always the same result. I'm running SW2019 SP4, but the problem was there in earlier versions.


This is just a sample part for testing, my production parts are all tapered steel tubes, and have the exact same issue. My VAR is looking into it, but I thought someone here may have run into this before.