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Solidworks 2019 is using very little of the resources my computer has available

Question asked by Joseph Macy on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by Justin Pires


When I am running local assemblies and non-local (PDM), many tasks are taking a long time to run.

My computer's specs are:

Intel 8750H 6 core @ 2.2 GHz

Nvidia Quadro P2000

32GB ram



Yet, when trying to perform simple tasks such as removing appearances, it takes a very long time to complete.


As detailed in the snip I've provided, it's not that my computer has a lack of power for what I'm doing, but rather Solidworks 2019 is not utilizing all of the resources available.


For every different task I do where SW freezes and gives me this window, the program states its using 7% CPU and 2.2GB of ram (despite the fact I have 32GB).


Is there a way I can increase this processing/ram limit? It is getting very frustrating with my larger assemblies.



- Joseph