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Vertex vs. Point- Can an sheet metal Edge Flange length be defined by a sketch point in place of a vertex? Any good work-arounds for this?

Question asked by James Harvey on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by James Harvey

I don't use sheet metal in Solidworks very much, learning the tricks...


I am using a master sketch to control numerous parameters to create a bent & welded sheet metal enclosure with a door. The door is a simple, flat, Base Flange created by a sketched rectangle with a 90° Edge Flange using all 4 edges. I am modeling this as a multi-body sldprt.


Apparently ending an Edge Flange with a sketch point is not an option. It appears that the "Up To Vertex" end condition of an Edge Flange requires a solid modeled vertex. My Edge Flange needs to stop short of this for clearance.


Does anybody know of a work-around?


I tried adding a "point" (Insert>Reference Geometry>Point...) to no avail. Same result as sketch point, cannot be selected.

I can create another sketch/extrude-cut to get the required clearance but I would like to avoid adding another feature to the tree if possible.