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Dimensions change style when exported as DWG/DXF and clicked on in autocad

Question asked by Tom Sowers on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by Tom Sowers

I have the drawing units set to feet and inches in solidworks and everything looks perfect. I export to DWG or DXF and everything initially looks exactly the same except when looking at the properties of the dimensions the properties are not matching what is displayed. When I do any edit on the dimension even double clicking the units update to what the properties read. I realize this issue could go either way being autocad or solidworks but the fact that the initial properties clearly don't match (see below screen shot where the selected dimension is in architectural styling as needed but its properties are indicating fractional, all I did was export and open the file) is making me think that whatever unit properties solidworks is generating for the DWG/DXF Autocad is not compatible with autocad.


Initial Dimension after export:

Dimension after double click: