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Visualize 360-VR examples

Question asked by Brian Hillner Employee on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by Brian Hillner

Hi Visualize community,


We would like to promote our exciting 360-VR feature that we released back in Visualize Pro 2018 with actual customer examples. Many of you create fantastic examples of this 360-VR feature, but they never get back to us here at SW corporate. It's time to put the spotlight on you all!


Do any of you have 360-VR examples created in Visualize Pro that you would be willing to share with us? Or have any of you uploaded these to your company's websites to explore on a desktop machine, rather than via Google Cardboard?


While our Resellers can certainly share their examples on this thread, too, please include in your post if you are a customer or Reseller. 


We look forward to your responses! And as always, happy Visualizing!