Taylor Fulton

Generated Toolpaths are simply wrong in model and simulation

Discussion created by Taylor Fulton on Sep 30, 2019

In SW CAM 2019 can someone please explain to me why [extracting machinable features] => [generate operation plan] => [generate toolpath] => [simulate toolpath] would so poorly define it's curves? I'm just beginning to self-teach SW CAM (coming from self-taught fusion 360) and I'm very much not used to the extreme clutter and scattered menus and options in Solidworks.


Most of the videos and references I find use outdated versions and it poses a great deal of difficulty when have of the battle is just finding the options with or without tutorials.


This... seems as though I'm trying to use a hammer to sink a nail and yet the nail broke the hammer.


Looks like I'm just one more fool out here.