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One drive and Solidworks

Question asked by Harry Marlow on Sep 29, 2019
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Recently we have started using a onedrive system at work to store our modelling files, partly for backup reasons but mostly so my international counterparts and I can access each others files if need be without contacting each other as this adds huge time delays as I am in Australia and they are in the United States. This system is working really well, I'm not noticing any significant lag on my models (nothing we do is overly large or complex) and generally am quite happy with how it runs. My concern comes after undertaking a solidworks best practices course last week where the instructor said that there can be issues with cloud storage syncing files while they are open causing them to become corrupt. I just wanted to throw this question out there and see if anyone has actually come across this issue, is there any safe guards I can employ (I had a quick search to see if there's a one drive setting that can prevent it from syncing an open file but i couldn't find anything) or is this actually an issue or just solidworks recommendations being overly cautious/trying to push solidworks PDM.