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Implementation of Cold Storage in Replicated Environment

Question asked by Prasanna Kumaran R. on Sep 28, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by Prasanna Kumaran R.

Hi SolidWorks PDM Professionals/Experts.


We have a PDM Professional Setup where the Main Vault is in USA and the Replicated Vault is in India. One SQL Database set at USA Premises. The Replicated Archive Server in India communicates with Database server @ USA. 


There's about 8TB of Total Storage in USA and 3.5 TB of Storage in India.


Replication is scheduled and the files to be replicated is filtered based on the 'Only replicate files in
the following states' in the replication schema. 


The Size of the Archive Server in USA is roughly about 7.1 TB and the Size of the Replicated Archive Server in India which is filtered based on the folder and filters applied in Replication Schema is roughly about 3 TB now. The Archive Server Storage is almost nearing the maximum limit. 


We are familiar with a concept called Cold Storage. The Cold Storage has an option to define a Cold Storage Schema where version's below a defined version/version set (Number of Versions to keep per archive) can be either moved to a secondary storage location or deleted permanently.


The Cold Storage schema in a Non-Replicated Environment is clear and we have certain queries with Cold Storage Schema in a Replicated Environment. 


We are aware of the fact, the Files which have been moved to the Cold Storage Schema before replication cannot be replicated to the Replicated Archive Server in other location. 


We have referred the Best Practices for Cold Storage Schema under Solid Practices as well.


The Files which are about to be moved to the Cold Storage Media in USA have been replicated to the Replicated Archive Server in India already. 


Let us consider the US Design Team implements Cold Storage Schema and sets the Number of Version to Keep per archive as 5, the Cold Storage Schema is executed. The Last 5 Versions of the files is maintained in the Archive Server and the older version are moved to the Cold Storage Media. 


1) If the Older version are moved to the Cold Storage in USA, will there be any change in the Replicated Archive Server located in India? Will the Designer in India be able to restore the Cold Stored Version of the file with proper rights given? 


2) We have gone through the Knowledge Base, and from our understanding(Correct us, if we are wrong) , Should there be a separate Cold Storage Schema defined for each location? or a Cold Storage Schema defined at USA will have an impact on the size of the Replicated Archive Server in India? 


PS: We are aware that a Cold Storage Schema for the Replicated Server in India can be defined in the Cold Storage Schema Settings of the USA Server(The Archive Server needs to be selected from the Dropdown) 


3) Is there a fix, where any changes in the size of the USA Archive Server will reduce the size of Replicated Archive Server in India? 


5) If the Cold Storage Schema is defined exclusively for the Replicated Server in India and the versions are deleted instead of moving it to a secondary storage Device, How will those changes get recorded in the Database Server? The Replicated Archive Server communicates with the Database Server @ USA as stated already. 

6) If the Versions of a File in Replicated Archive Server of India is deleted and the same Versions of the file are still maintained in Cold Storage of USA, How will this effectively get managed by the Database Server? Will there be any effect in the Archive Server of USA if the Versions are deleted in India? 


7) If Archive Server in USA has a cold storage schema set and if the replicated vault is newly/freshly configured in India, is it possible to reduce the size of the Replicated Archive Server? 


8) If the Designer in India is working on an assembly with Version 1 of the part being referred and the Designer in USA makes changes such that the version number of the Part hits 6. There are about 6 Versions of the file, Now, as per Cold Storage Schema defined(i.e) Number of versions to keep per archive as 5, the version 1 will be moved to cold storage. In that case,what happens to the Version 1 of the part which is used as reference for the assembly file by the Designer in India? 


We are looking for solutions for the above queries. 


Awaiting your responses.


Any further details required, Please let us know. We will provide you all the Details we have with respect to PDM Professional which has been implemented. 


Thanks and Regards


Prasanna Kumaran R