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Does Fluid Flow Simulation have the ability to emulate the behavior of oil and water in a vessel? (Wave action)

Question asked by Torrey Hughes on Sep 29, 2019

This may sound crazy or ridiculous, but I want to emulate the fluid characteristics in the vessel of the attached machine.  The fluids are comprised of 4 different fluids, with mineral oil and distilled water being the primary components.  I have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible to make custom fluid entries into a database with parameters such as kinematic viscosity and specific gravity?
  2. Is it possible to make custom blends of said fluids by percentage (i.e. 40% Fluid A and 60% Fluid B)?
  3. Will the simulation, via a Motion Study, emulate the same behavior that is exhibited in the machine below based on the fluid formula and mechanism? 
  4. How is miscibility (mixing or non mixing) and the interface of the fluids determined or defined? 

Thank for any insight you can provide.