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Please advise on design of UV lightbox

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by Karsten Meißner

Hi Guys


So for some reason (well it's cost) I'm having a go at designing a lightbox, something I know nothing about.


We're looking at doing some photo etching and I need to get the full system in place.  Darkroom / etching bay/ ...


I'm at a really early design stage and have still to work out the optimal sheet size, but I think I've found a suitable lamp that's about 600mm long, so I'm working from there.


The datasheet for the photocoat we are using mentions an exposure distance of 250 to 300 mm.


So I just drew a parabola and threw in a few dimensions and this is what I got

So conceivably this could expose a sheet about 300 wide, but will it give an even exposure?


If I'd like to go wider (A square sheet 600 x 600) my options could be to add more lamps, move the lamp or sheet during exposure or multiple exposures.


Anyway just playing around here's what I've come up with so far


Did I mention I'm on a tight budget?


Anyway advice from someone who actually knows about these things would be greatly appreciated.

For example , these reflectors look a bit wrong to me

Maybe I'm overthinking it but I know good results require a consistent exposure and it would be great if I could get this right first time.


Thanks in advance


All the best




Lamp Data Sheet