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Tasks Batch Print & PDF Convert

Question asked by Kyle Blough on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by Mike Dekoning



I am looking for help on creating a task to do a batch print through tasks.  On computers with Solidworks installed, the Print Task works just fine.  The issue is the computers that only have eDrawings, this task will not work.  It seems to only work because by default Solidworks is opened, printed and closed when this task needs to be completed in eDrawings.




Second question.  I cannot get the convert task to work correctly for printing PDFs.  I have the task configured the way I want, but in the Task List section, it shows it "Waiting on Host


   -Execute on the computer where the task is initiated - checked

   -Primary output path

         Source Folder Path\Source File Name

   -Groups assigned - checked

   -Add-ins are updated to 2019 SP4