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    The file/key name was invalid

    Mike Adam
      I have created Input card and I've set the variables inside it
      and everything was ok until I faced weird problem
      there is "Customer Name" variable in my input form
      and I've set the template to create folder from that variable
      %Customer Name%
      then I tried it, it works but whenever I try to write "customer name" contains dot (.) in the end of the name
      for example : IBM ltd.

      the system shows me this error
      Could not create folder "The file/key name was invalid"
      but if I enter the customer name without (.) as "IBM ltd" everything works well

      anybody has solution for that issue ?
        • The file/key name was invalid
          Mike Adam
          I think there is no way to resolve it
          Because when PDM is reading the key name from the variable and it recognize that there is dot (.) in the end of the file
          it doesn't accept it, coz even in windows explorer you can't create folder name ending with dot (.)
          but the difference is that when you write folder name ending with dot in windows explorer, the explorer Delete it by itself
          unlike PDM template, it will abort the whole process, and you will have to re-enter all the data in the form again
          I hope they will resolve this issue in the next version