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Save Individual Sheets as PDF

Discussion created by Dennis McCann on Sep 25, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by Deepak Gupta

Hey all,


A few months ago I came on here for help modifying some pre-existing Deepak code to save a drawing as individual PDF's in the same folder as the drawing file. It worked beautifully with some help from Danniel Sims, but now I have another project, and I think I can recycle this code to fit my needs. I haven't messed with VBA since then, so I am still an amateur. I know PDF saving is a common topic for Macros, but I cannot find anything online that works for me. I'm fairly confident that the "GetPathName" and "Left(......) - 7" lines (originally from Danniel) are what I need to change. Essentially it is the same function (saving drawing sheets indidivualy as PDF's with the correct sheet naming syntax) but I would like to specify a new folder location for each set of sheets every time I run the macro. Thanks in advance to anyone who will help, it is greatly appreciated.