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SOLIDWORKS is busy running a command

Question asked by Mark Ottensmeyer on Sep 25, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by Andy Sanders

I've seen this come up during autosave or other functions, and the dialog window in those cases reports what command is running.  Often, I'll see the CPU/Memory values making sense, corresponding with "something" happening.


My issue is with unspecified commands (i.e. "SOLIDWORKS is busy running a command" without any indication as to what command is running) that show 0% CPU without any indication that something active is going on.  Program Manager shows SW as "Not Responding", also shows 0% CPU.  Memory is in the order of a 


For the current instance of this behavior, I'm looking at one part (multiple bodies, a few equations, moderate complexity), have a number of other parts and assemblies open in separate windows.  I had called up other applications and when I came back to SW, it responded with the "busy" dialog - I hadn't previously started any other commands (e.g. save or rebuild).


Additionally, with the "busy" dialog open, I can't even minimize the SW window to view the desktop behind it - I can cancel the dialog, returning to the "white glaze" (?) frozen window, but if I try to minimize the window, the "busy" dialog comes back.  I can't even use the windows manager to minimize all windows at the moment.


I've now quit out of solidworks, at least the autosave is working moderately well at the moment...