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Auto scale, view scale, and sheet scale

Question asked by Justin Pires on Sep 24, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by Frederick Law

Hey all,


Ive been struggling with auto scale, it sounds like a neat feature, but unless I've misunderstood something it can really mess with drawings in unanticipated ways. Ive been on the phone with my VAR for most of the day and it seems like what I'm asking for is an Enhancement Request. At the risk of embarrassing myself, I'd like to know how the below quoted would effect y'all.


no criticism of you intended and I hope you can forward this to someone in the loop. maybe what I propose is an enhancement request, but S-014442 is ambiguous at best. The customer failed to clearly state his problem and things he did to trouble shoot his problem. The technician used the "intended behavior" canned response that I've heard so many times over the years. I understand that its the intended behavior but I propose that it's wrong.
firstly auto scale should be a drawing property, having it as a system setting allows an individual to potentially mess up a lot of drawings because it changes both sheet scale and view scale. (could go either way, not as important to me anymore) That's challenging to undo be cause every view in every drawing is now set to no longer follow sheet scale.(Incorrect: after testing and thanks to Glenn Schroeder the behavior is limited to folow-up sheets) it just happens to be the same at the moment, change the sheet scale (as the above customer does) and nothing happens because each of the drawing views have been set to custom. Auto scale should only effect the sheet scale.(seemingly has something to do with part size versus white space of the follow up sheet: EX, if a part is close to or larger than the sheet size the draw view will follow sheet scale. If its smaller, both will scale but the draw view will be set to custom [sometimes 2:1] so when I set the sheet scale back to 1:1 the draw view stays and [2:1] with predictable results for a 1:1 DXF sent to the tables)
You and I spoke on the phone about how my second page must be a 1:1 (print-to) DXF page, I'll still have the issue where my sheet will scale but at least I wouldn't have to navigate to the view and change its scale back to follow the sheet. I could then write a macro that changes sheet scale to 1:1 then saves as DXF in one press instead of having 15 "change drawing scale" macros. I'd then be able to enjoy Auto scale with-out worrying about if a view scale is following my sheet scale.
the above highlighted should be "use sheet scale"
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you,
Justin Pires
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