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Task Pane locked on the left screen

Question asked by Raul Borobio on Sep 25, 2019
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I have two 24" screens. My main screen is on the right. SW loads on the right screen and the taskpane loads on the left. 

I try to resize or move the task pane, but the right side of the taskpane seems like it has a magnet to the right side of the left screen. 

A workaround is to move the left screen to the right (virtually), positioning the task pane, and move back the screen to the left. The only problem is I can't move or resize the taskpane because the right side of the taskpane locks to the right side of the screen, again.


I'm experiencing this behavior since I started using SW 2012.

Do you experience this problem?

Do you know a solution?


Thank you