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How was Your Service Request experience?

Discussion created by Geoffrey King on Sep 24, 2019
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I want to raise the issue of how Service Requests have been handled within SolidWorks' technical support group. Our service provider opened a SR at high priority and it took 12 days to be touched by a SolidWorks representative.


The original problem was that a hole callout on a drawing did not update, causing expensive parts to go through our shop with the wrong counterbore depths. Luckily one of our engineers caught the issue before it got too far along.


The technician assigned to the SR has asked me to reproduce the problem, or they "might as well call it individual file corruption". I don't agree with this, when an SPR is open already on this issue for SolidWorks 2019. We pay $26,000 a year for subscription on more than 25 licenses, and I can't seem to make any headway in getting problems like this fixed. Therefore, I have come here to voice my displeasure.


I for one am not pleased with how SolidWorks is handling certain bugs within the program and I am also not pleased with their level of commitment to the subscription service. The price for subs just went up 10%.


What has been your experience with your Service Requests? I feel that something has to change in this process. The onus should not be on the customer to research bugs within the program. I did try and reproduce the issue but I am not always able to. At this point my service request has been closed and nothing further is happening on the other end. I have no power to fix this issue and am left with an overall poor experience on this process.


What has YOUR Service Request experience with SolidWorks, for a bug, been like?