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SolidWorks crashing when creating or opening a drawing

Question asked by Greg Kelly on Sep 24, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2019 by Shane Sparks

Hi all,

My SolidWorks has developed a problem where everytime i open a sketch or try to create a new sketch the program will immediately crash. I've tried opening in OpenGL and had the same problem and my computer hasn't updated since way before the problem started. I have 16GB of RAM, an i5 2.7GHz processor, and an intel HD graphics 620 chip. My drawing templates are correct and exist and have not been changed since way before this started happening aswell.


Everyone else at my company has the same specs and has no problems with their SolidWorks so i'm at a loss and considering re-installation, does anyone have any ideas what could fix this? Thanks.


Best Regards,