Alisdair Herd

Re-ordering exploded view

Discussion created by Alisdair Herd on Sep 24, 2019

I am tryign to understand exactly how the exploded view works in an effort to squash rebuilt errors.

This is part of an endeavor to create "clean" models with the best chance of behaving the way they should. 

One model i am dealing with has the red cross next to the configuration name, I have deleted the hidden "child move copy bodies" left behind when a part is deleted or the exploded view fails. 


My understanding is that the exploded view is actually just a series of move copy body commands that exist in a usual parent/child relationship in the feature tree, albeit hidden.


The red cross I believe to be stemming from a body that was deleted from higher up in the feature tree( higher than the exploded view) BUT this part was never moved in the exploded view and so while the exploded view is trying to reference it there is nothing I can see or dig for in order to remove the final traces of it. 

Is there any chance the "hidden" feature tree items can be viewed in order to burn out rebuild errors? 


To summarize I want to better understand the explode view command in a multi body part in an effort to apply good practice where minimizing rebuild errors is the ultimate goal.