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Rotate view and rotate part.

Question asked by Scott Leacox on Sep 23, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by Scott Leacox

I am still learning works. My most common problem is how to rotate a part within an assembly and rotate a view for a specific perspective within a sketch.


Let me be very specific.


Rotate a part:

Say you are looking at the end of a cylinder with a mark on it so that you know it's rotation. That Cylinder is sitting on a plate. I now want to rotate the mark on the cylinder in the assembly. If the view in anything but straight on, the right mouse button works (get's it done). The case I want to work is when it is straight on. Assume the parts are on the XZ plane and I want to rotate the cylinder about the Y axis while I am looking down the y axis. What is the easy way to rotate the part say 15 degrees without using a mate?


Rotate a view.

I am looking at a sketch on the XZ plane. The "TOP" view is 180 deg vs. the view I would like to work from. How do I rotate the view 180 deg from the default "TOP" view.


Can I set up a second Cube with all the view rotated 180?


I have found many threads about this. I have not found any answers for how to directly get to the result I want. Like a hotkey for rotate part about Y axis or rotate view about Y Axis 90 or 180.


I am making copies of models done in a Z up system. But Works is Y up. I have to work in a Y up system for the companies standards.